Merseburg Castle Festival

Merseburg invites you to the medieval spectacle

The Castle Festival

Merseburg, located in the heart of Saxony-Anhalt, invites young and old, middle ages and alike again from June 9th to June 11th, 2023
Rock music fans in the cathedral and residential city.

The festival is now taking place for the third time in this context and in a completely new guise around the Merseburg Palace and the Palace Garden. The actual castle festival, which has been held 50 times in the past until 2019, is celebrating its debut as the Merseburg Castle Festival 2021 when it was not at all expected that a festival could be held due to a pandemic.
The Merseburg Castle Festival took the hearts of music and medieval fans by storm and the circumstances of the time made the festival a crowd favorite. The Castle Festival offers the visitor a very unique and at the same time special charm, which knows how to convince with its historically beautiful location between the cathedral, castle and castle garden.

In 2021, the residents of the city were certainly amazed when countless people dressed in black made their way towards the castle, because many wore the words: "In Extremo" on their clothing, because the band was part of the festival's line-up at the time.
Right from the start, the organizers of the city of Merseburg focused on an extensive range of top-class music, as well-known bands have been able to attract well-known bands to the city to this day, creating an unforgettable festival experience. The fans of the bands are only too happy to accept the offer, not least because the line-up of the festival has always included bands like Lord of the Lost, In Extremo, Megaherz, Heldmaschine, Tanzwut, The Beautx of Gemina, Schandmaul and Saltatio Mortis just to name a few, because the list of headliners goes on and on.

But bands alone don't make a festival, the Merseburg and organizers know that too, because what was still missing?

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©2023 Photos The Hell Guardians

A medieval spectacle

Really a medieval spectacle with market stalls that invite you to shop. Countless jugglers, fire shows and puppet shows, but also all sorts of comedians and guilds dressed in medieval costumes, which you could look over the shoulder of their medieval crafts, can be found in the castle garden.
For the special medieval flair, knight camps also offer armor fans a place to go and sinister fellows such as "The Hell Wardens" teach visitors to fear. Well, almost, laughs, if you were nice, the troupe of jugglers, often dressed as devils, also gave one or the other souvenir photo.
The guards from hell, who, by the way, put a lot of effort into their costumes, can also be found at a wide variety of events in the country, so it's worth keeping an eye out for.

Of course, a hearty offer of food and drink for big and small hunger should not be missing, because culture makes hungry! There is also mead at the Merseburg Castle Festival, as well as beer, along with sweets and roasts, and one or more culinary delicacies round off the offer at the festival.

More information about the Hell Wardens can be found here:

DAS LINE-UP 2023: 

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FREITAG, 09.06.2023    Haggefugg - Vroudenspil - Schwarzer Engel - Koenix - Versengold

SAMSTAG, 10.06.2023    Tvinna - Erdling - The Kingspipers - Faun - Eluveitie

SONNTAG, 11.06.2023    Heimataerde - Unzucht - Mr. Hurley & die Pulveraffen - D´Artagnan
(More information about the band? Click on the appropriate band name)

This year, bands such as Faun and Haggefug will provide brilliant music from the Middle Ages. Vroudenspil, Koenig and The Kinkspipers. The band Tvinna sets special accents, because their style can be described as ritual, electronically amplified folk metal. The musical focus is on polyphonic female singing. The Swiss band Eluveite, on the other hand, provides a fresh mix of Celtic music combined with metal sounds, which is why they can be assigned to Celtic metal.
Schwarzer Engel and Unzucht und Erdling, on the other hand, bring the right Dark Metal sound to the festival for metal fans, while Hurley und die Pulveraffen has hearty seaman sounds ready for the audience.

What else you shouldn't know

What is special this year is that the festival is divided into two areas! As usual, the Merseburg Medieval Spectacle will take place in the palace garden, where the concerts will also take place. If you don't like it that rocky, the organizers offer an entertaining castle festival for young and old in the courtyard of the castle Fun leave no wish unfulfilled.

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Of course, Merseburg as a city has much more to offer! If you need some distance from the hustle and bustle, take a look at the cathedral, with its beautiful architecture and the wrought-iron fountain next to it, or visit the cathedral ravens, which invite you to watch, but a stroll through the old town also makes Merseburg an experience.

How much does the Merseburg Castle Festival cost? Now, according to the organizers, the prices for the medieval spectacle and the concerts with the bands this year are 46.50 euros (Eventim price). But if you only want to stop by the castle courtyard, you only have to pay 13 euros (Eventim price). Day tickets are also available and cost 20.00 euros (Eventim price).

Not convinced yet, maybe because of the line-up, which should have some highlights in store for concert-goers. You can find the line-up and more information here on my website in the link: Festivals section. Alternatively, the information is also available on the website of the city of Merseburg.

Photo review Merseburg Castle Festival 2021-2022

To finish, I've added some photos from my photo archive from 2021 and 2022 of the festival that best reflect what awaits you at the festival. I wish you a lot of fun watching and maybe I could make one or the other curious about the Merseburg Medieval Spectacle or the Castle Festival, then just say.

See you in Merseburg from 09.06-11.06.2023
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