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It's the year 2023 and it seems like we were only recently in Torgau at the Stella Nomine Festival. In fact, it has been a while since our visit, more precisely it was in August 2022.

Yes, of course, because we humans like to wallow in our memories, but we don't have to anymore. In a few weeks, a new festival will be on our program.
The 3rd STELLA NOMINE FESTIVAL in the beautiful Renaissance town of Torgau in northern Saxony, where it took place from 17.08. until 19.08.2023 at ENTENFANG again is called "The Blackest One"
The line-up this year is almost complete and as a Gothic enthusiast and fan of the alternative music scene you shouldn't miss that.

Update; The line-up is now complete! Because the absence of Umbra ET IMAGO due to illness fills "DAS ICH" Electro music fans should be happy about "TERRORFREQUENZ" and last but not least metal lovers celebrate the performance of "HELS" THRONE. So acts of the very finest black music in Torgau am Entenfang see you soon.

A Festival with a Black Heart

The Stella Nomine is entering its third round this year and has already won a black heart as a young festival in the Gothic scene. This is not least due to the bands that are making their debut at the festival, but rather because the organizers already backed a family and even smaller festival (we hope it will stay that way) back in 2021 and this is also consistently organized and continues to this day.

The organizer Thomas Richter and his crew can draw on their experiences from the In Flammen Open Air, which has been organized at the same location for a long time just under a month before. Every year, the metal scene and many well-known bands come together at the In Flammen Open Air, and with great success.

Either way, the Stella Nomine no longer needs to put itself in the shadow of renowned festivals, as it impresses with its free organization of a wonderful family atmosphere without imposing a standard rule on the visitor.

The komplet Line-up

UMBRA ET IMAGO (Failed, See Official Information)



The complete running order & shuttle times

For the Love of the Scene and its Music

Headliners at the STELLA NOMINE in Torgau will undoubtedly be OST FRONT- Grendel- Not My God, Aeon Sable, Lament and Death Cult 69 and many more this year, just to name a few. One thing is certain: the selection of music is once again of the finest quality and cannot be copied at any other festival. At the Stella Nomine, the focus is on uniqueness, so that there should be something for everyone again in 2023, from post-punk, goth rock and electro to the new German hardness.

DRAGOL, for example, because even the winners of the Mera Luna Newcomer Competition 2023 in Torgau are at the start, who will lure the visitors to the stage with their music between fairy tales, Vikings, end times, rock and gothic.

ANTIAGE from Thuringia is a band that doesn't seem to fit into any category due to the versatility of their music, which ranges from industrial pop to avant-garde, but exactly this ability fits perfectly on the stage in Torgau place their new album "Aphrodisiac Odyssey" at number 2 on the GEWC album charts.

OBERER TOTPUNKT is a band consisting of front woman Bettina Bormann and multi-instrumentalist and composer Michael Krüger. The latter knows perfectly how to create a sound concept of morbid sound worlds and massive beats, while Bettina's voice skilfully adds the lyricism of singing and end time and death. So you see the music selection was made with love for gothic and metal culture and now of course it still lacks the audience.

Stella Nomine

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Stella Nomine Photo Gallery of 2021-2022

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A Special Service

Photo from Stella Nomine Festival Facebook
Photo from Stella Nomine Festival Facebook

Would you like coffee and cake? Yes, gladly, because that only happens at the Stella Nomine Festival and runs under the motto "Sponsoring with the organiser".
In addition, lovingly baked tarts, which have been baked by the hard-working crew and family members, are served on a long table and everyone can participate.
In like-minded company, of course,
You can dine twice as well and transport the festival ideas of the organizer. What is meant here is the credo of acceptance, equality, freedom and guarantees no typical festival hype.

It is also part of the tradition of the Stella Nomine that there is a shuttle service for guests from the city, which brings you comfortably to the festival area. In addition, every festival participant is even free to visit Torgau Castle to get a taste of Renaissance air, but be careful! There are bears, that's right,
leave them in the castle, marvel at the house-own bears alive in the open air and take one or the other souvenir photo.

Of course, the campsite is also a pleasure, although it doesn't cost anything extra unless! Yes (there is), you like to call your own dixi toilet during the festival days, that is also possible with the Stella Nomine and of course this also includes a well-kept smudge and wash concept or shower comfort.

If it means lovingly organized, then of course there are also cool memorabilia that you can bring back from visiting the festival. For example from the festival merchandising stand, where you can also buy rare items. These include handmade items in the form of pendants and belt buckles alongside T-shirts, hoodies and jackets.

There is also a small range of dealers with Gothic accessories and the bands are of course also waiting for the fan during their performance with their offer of CDs and clothing. Who knows, maybe a selfie with the band is also possible or you can even have something signed !
So keep your eyes open.

Then we look forward to the end of August and maybe one or the other of you will want to buy a ticket for the Stella Nomine Festival after reading the preview. So see you in Torgau.

You can find more information on the official festival website!

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