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A FULLY PRIVATE CONTRIBUTION to the Electric Sun album
For the release of Ronan Harris' new album on April 28th, 2023, I decided to take this little photo special.

After NOIRE was released, a long time passed before we can all hold Electric Sun's new brutal album in our hands.If I mean brute, then don't blame me, because I just got the album out of the mailbox and I'm sitting at my desk with headphones while I'm reading these lines. It's really hard for me to concentrate on writing because it doesn't really keep me in my chair anymore. Like Ronan Harris always asks his audience, "Are you having fun, want to dance
The album just pulls you out of everyday life with such emotional violence as you have not experienced in any other album by VNV Nation before. Of course there is something danceable on the disc, but the core for me is that Ronan Harris manages to touch you like in the song "RUN" in such a way that you start to float, don't laugh, I'm just moved of each track on this album, the most emotional since VNV Nation keeps surprising us with music. Many thanks to Ronan Harris and to everyone involved in "ELECTRIC SUN". You have reached me with difficulty and made me happy.

I have thanks Neuwerk Music Management in March I was lucky enough to be able to take photos at the concert of the VNV Nation Electric Sun Tour in the AMO Kulturhaus and I would like to publish some of the photos that relate specifically to the stage atmosphere in this special on the album release. First of all, it should be noted that these are cell phone photos, since the professional camera equipment had to be handed in after the usual 3 song photo shots.
You can find all the correct photos from the concert in Magdeburg here;
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For the Electric Sun Tour, VNV Nation also just announced this Extra Stage Light Show and this masterpiece comes from  Martin Heining Showdesign but now see for yourself! I wish you a lot of fun with the atmospheric photos and of course with the new album.
Marco v. BlackS Photography

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