30. Wave Gotic Meet in Leipzig

Germany's black scene, the Wave Gotik Meet, is celebrating its 30th birthday

Leipzig is in a state of emergency again this year and not because RB Leipzig is playing, but because the trade fair city dresses in delicate black, as it does every year at Whitsun. What is special about this year? In 2023, the festival is all about an anniversary, as it is taking place for the 30th time.What began with a handful of companions in 1992 is 30 years later a festival with over 15,000 fans who happily make a pilgrimage to Leipzig every year to fill a tradition with life that Gothic enthusiasts have been looking forward to all year.


Followers of the gothic scene (also known as the black scene) from all over the world meet for four days at Pentecost to celebrate themselves and their attitude to life, but that alone is not the attraction of the festival. Being like-minded, feeling good, being understood, and cultivating long-standing friendships is certainly what makes the festival so appealing.
It is therefore an essential part of the Wave Gotik Treffen to be able to immerse yourself in an ambience that seems to differ from the rest of the normal world in terms of attitude to life.
All of these are values that are an integral part of the WGT and that is why it is a must to be there every year. Of course there are also other Gothic festivals of the black scene, but I think that Leipzig has always been and always will be a very special place for the Wave Gotik Treffen, which is why I hope that nothing will change in the coming decades.

Thus, the Wave Gotic Treffen for the 30th time will again be a festival that remains true to itself, in which, with its countless locations, parks and meeting places belonging to the scene, it becomes an attraction for the Gothic scene like no other and only arises from this .
I call it the special WGT charm. A festival alone is only a festival, but the black scene loves its scene meetings in Leipzig and it is precisely this scene that seems to make the WGT something special and to celebrate among the other events in Germany.

The festival takes place in Leipzig over four days at Pentecost and the organizers are making enormous efforts in the organizational and logistical area to fill this festival with life, which is also reflected in the line-up of the artists.
Of course, like every culture, the Wave Gotic Treffen has much more to offer than just the locations, so it is also important to celebrate its heroes during this time.

In addition, there are many venues spread across the city that have a lot to offer. There is a choice of sightseeing, a large exhibition hall invites you to go shopping, but exhibitions, readings, fashion shows and concerts are also part of it. As part of the anniversary, it should also be possible to get married in the mourning halls of the southern cemetery. This opportunity is unique and is only offered on Saturday and Pentecost Sunday.


But the most important thing is the line-up of the artists, which will be well filled again in 2023 for the 30th anniversary of the WGT and will offer bands from Mexico, Canada, the USA and all of Europe. So these heroes are countless bands, showmen and artists who are involved in the festival and come from all over the world. They see their connection to the scene as part of it and with their corresponding music and performances, they are also a very important part of this Gothic culture.
The facets of the different musical directions could not be more diverse. They are made up of many styles that are as colourful... sorry, black and varied as the people you meet at WGT.

The most diverse directions from the corresponding music such as pop, wave, synth and electro music, but also dark pop, rock, EBM as well as metal and post-punk are represented. A large part of the music also consists of folk music and medieval sounds, which have always been a fascinating part of the overall black scene and which have made their own home in the Pagan Village. Medieval hustle and bustle is the order of the day in the Torhaus Dölitz, which is one of the main venues alongside the agra exhibition park.


With the band "Lord of the Lost", the organizer has a special highlight in the program this year. The band won the Eurovision Song Contest in spring and will represent Germany in Liverpool in 2023.

Lord of the Lost is an alternative band from the Rock & Metal genre, which has to fight against the violence of normal musical taste beyond white sausage and folk music. A highlight of the Wave Gotic meeting.
The bands Traitrs, Diary Of Dreams, Faun, Suicide Commando, Nachtmahr, Hocico, Solitary Experiments, Cruel Daughters, Unzucht, Cattac and many more are expected.
You can find the entire LINE-UP here on my website. 30 WGT LINE- UP

At the time of the article, the entire line-up includes 166 artists, including the renowned writer Sebastian Fitzek, who should be well known to many through his numerous books, especially in the psychological thriller category.

From the cabaret sector there is also a treat this year, the Lisa Eckhart from Austria, well known to many for her special black satire. Some pearls are also bands that are represented at the festival for the first time and exclusive concert appearances can also be found in this year's line-up.

Lord of the Lost Photo BlacksPhotography

THE WGT BAND GALLERIES <concert photos on my page>

Diary of Dreams
Suicide Commando
Grausame Töchter
Solitary Experiments

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"FLAMES IN THE TWILIGHT" and a medieval spectacle

One of the most popular highlights, however, is the fire show, which is reserved for visitors to the Torhaus Dölitz, also better known in the scene as the Heidnisches Dorf. Incidentally, the heathen village is also a good place to visit, even if you don't belong to the Gothic scene and are looking for a nice excursion destination at the Pentecost weekend. According to the organizers, entry is 20 euros and it is worth a visit to see the traders and jugglers at the large medieval market.

To return to the fire spectacle, which is held by the boys and girls of the "Flamen im Zwielicht Show", this takes place at the end of every eventful day, but the performance of mystical dance and the glow of the flickering fire is probably all the more fascinating Show captivates every visitor, big or small.You will get a nice impression through my photos, which I hope will make you want to visit.

Flames in the Twilight website:

So it's worth making a pilgrimage to Leipzig again this year, especially for the 30th Wave Gotic Meeting.
To get back on black paths for an exceptional festival.
All information has not yet been published, so it is worth taking a look at the official website or Facebook page or at the WGT-APP these days. On the APP you will receive important changes and updates on your cell phone directly at the festival and will always be up to date.

See you in Leipzig and until then black greetings and always good photos.
Your M.W from BlackS Photography

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